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GEO Packs

How can we easily find out which fields have been included in the new 7.1 GEO packs? I can't find any references to them anywhere, but I'd like to be able to advertise them to our user base...
Hello Phil,

The fields contained within the Australian Geo Pack are as follows:

- Median age
- Median weekly household income
- Average household size
- Total population all ages
- Total population 0-14
- Total population 15-24
- Total population 25-34
- Total population 35-44
- Total population 45-54
- Total population 55-64
- Total population 65-74
- Total population 75-84
- Total population 85+
- Total family households
- Total non-family households
- Total households
- Total labour force
- Total population not in labour force
- Percentage unemployed

Hopefully this is the info you need, please let me know if I can help further.

Kind Regards,


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