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Geopack Entity too Large

Hi Yellowfin,
Recently I have attempted to upload the Australian postcode pack on your market place, AusPostcodePack.gpk however I receive the following error:
"Submit error (413): Request Entity Too Large".

When you click "ok" to the error the following message appears "Processing GeoPack file, please wait. Depending on the size of the GeoPack and memory allocation this may take some time". However nothing gets uploaded in the end.
Trying to determine if this is relating to java max memory issue --->
Or whether it is something else?
Please help,
Thanks Tim
Hello Tim,

The Maxmemory may likely be the cause of why you are not able to download
the Geopack. Are you able to make the adjustments outlined in the Forum post
that you referenced and try it again??

If you are still unsuccessful, can you zip up your YF log files and send those through?

Could you also let us know which version and build of YF you are using? E.g. 7.1, March?

Thank you very much!


Hi Kyle,
Thanks for your quick response.
We followed the following forum thread --->
We updated the max memory allocation pool from 1GB to 2GB.
Still receiving the same error message from Yellowfin.

I've uploaded our version info as an image.
Will zip up our YF log files and send it through to support.
Hi Tim,

That's a bummer that increasing your memory didn't work. Your image of your
system details did not come through.

Are you able to include that info when you send through your log files?

Thank you,