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Geopack Hierarchy

Is it possible to create a hierarchy with geopack variables? For example, I have a map of the states and a table with a state/zip drill down (drill down not based on the variables from the geopack). When I drill down to the list of zipcodes for a state I would like the map to then show those zipcodes.

The GeoPacks do not support drilling down, as they only return 1 layer at a time.
E.g. You return the states, or you return the zip code.

However, you could import your own geodata then setup your hierarchy as mentioned here:
How to setup drill down on maps

Alternatively, you could make a copy of your report that returned the detailed data, then use a drill through link.

Parent report contains State Data.
Child report contains zip code data, and a State filter. So when you drill to this report, you pass the state, and see the zip code level.
Which would give you the same results as a drill-down, the only difference, is that it's a separate report.

Hope this covers what you're after, and please let me know if you have any further questions on this.