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Get scroll bars in chart when data(bars) increases

Hi Friends,

I am using a simple column chart in which 10 columns are displaying properly.

When I do a drill down in this the no. of columns increase to 50+ thus the columns width reduces and they become very thin.Also the labels vanish(internal setting to avoid overlap).Screenshot attached here

My requirement is to get automatic horizontal "Scroll bars" when no. of columns increase beyond a certain limit(say 10).

Thank You,
Hello Prateek,

I'm just letting you know that we did receive your screenshot via
email and are currently working on this query for you.

Thank you for your patience.


Hello Prateek,

I've have responded via email regarding this issue.

Thank you,


Could you please share your solution to this issue?

I encounter the same kind of problem
Hello Guest,

Are you able to provide some screenshots to document what you are experiencing?

Please also let us know;

- What chart type you are using?
- What version and build of YF you are currently using?

Thank you,