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Getting dashboardTabId value

I have an ASP.Net MVC 4 application, where i want to get the load dashboard tab using the web-service, This is my code for this,

private void LocadDashboardTab()
var rsr = new ReportServiceRequest();
ReportServiceResponse rs = null;
DashboardDefinition dd = null;

rsr.loginId = AdminId;
rsr.password = AdminPassword;
rsr.orgId = 1;
rsr.reportRequest = "LOADDASHBOARDTAB";

// This is the ID of the dashboard tab
rsr.dashboardTabId = 11111;

var service = new ReportServiceClient();
rs = service.remoteReportCall(rsr);
dd = rs.dashboard;

How do i value for 'dashboardTabId'?


You'll want to review the Administration Service wiki entry. The DashboardTabId is returned from the AdministationService call "GETUSERTABS"/"GETUSERTABSWITHREPORTS" in the AdministrationReportGroup object.

These functions will be found under the Retrieving Belongs from a User section in the Administration Service wiki entry referenced above.