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Getting Yellowfin Group list based on UserID

Hi Team,

1) Is there any webservice method is available to get the list of Yellowfin group details based on a particular user id?

At present, we are iterating each Yellowfin group details(using LISTGROUPS method) and from that collecting user list.

2) GETGROUP method is available to know the particular group detail. For this we have to pass 'GroupName'. But GroupName is not a unique column. User can give same column name to multiple user groups. It will make confuse when accessing Yellowfin group using webservice method.

3) One more issue is available:
For example: We have saved a Yellowfin Group name in our local DB table initially and assigned our application user to that group. But after sometime, someone changed the same user group name.
By the next time, when we try to get the details of that particular group, we can not get that because the name is changed which is not available in or local DB.

Hence, it will be good, if we do the all operation through GroupId rather than GroupName.

Please let me know your thoughts on this.

Thank You...!
Hi Chandra,

Thanks for the detailed info.

I believe what your after can be achieved using the following .jsp:
Just Right-click and save the .jsp.

To use this .jsp;

edit this jsp and update the following lines;
AdministrationServiceService ts = new AdministrationServiceServiceLocator("localhost", 7171,
rsr.setLoginId(" ");
rsr.setPassword(" test" );

You will need to change the listening port '7171' and user account & password '', 'test' to match your environment.

You can then run the .jsp and append the Group ID.
http://localhost:7171/ ListUsersFromGroupId.jsp?groupId=12151

FYI, you can also use the following .jsp to return a list of User Groups and relevant GroupIds.

Please let me know how it all goes.