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Google Map Formatting


I received a request from a business user asking for the google map chart in Yellowfin to be styled using a theme from the website
Is there currently a way, either via the Yellowfin application, or by using the JSAPI or DashXML product to override the Google Maps styling with our own JSON arguments?

Also, is it possible to force Yellowfin to always show the Bubble map point regardless of whether there are multiple points in a specific region or not? In order words, we would like to have only one type of map point, and would like the bubble to appear with a 1 in it instead of changing to the pin.

Hi Steve,

Hope you're well.

Unfortunately for both these things you'd need to use DashXML and then provide your own implementation of Google Maps.

Using DashXML you'd retrieve the dataset from Yellowfin and using that dataset you'd pump it into Google Maps. Here is a link to the Google Maps dev info to get you started:

I don't think it's going to be a small task and would likely take considerate dev time on your behalf.

I apologize for the disappointment.

Kind Regards,