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Group by a field from an advanced sub query column

I have a list of all the countries in one view and I've created 10 custom regions that the countries lie within. I have imported a csv file of the list of countries in one column and which region that countries in on the second column.

I've got a large view with many data fields as my original dataset for the report, and the first field I've populated in the report builder is 'country' so I can join it in my sub-query. I have added the csv file as an append sub-query so that I can pull in the region. Now for my report output I just want the region in the first column without showing the country.

I know how to hide the country column, but I still get multiple rows for the same region since there's multiple countries in a region. I only want one row per region so I can pull aggregated counts of customers by region. Is there a way to do this or am I stuck without being able to group by region?
Hi Derek,

Generally speaking, an easy way to group by in Yellowfin is via the Sections feature, and then you can use the Sections Formatting feature to add sub-totals per section. Please give that a try and let us know if it meets your requirements.