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Having issues with integration through JS API

Hello, team.
I've got quite a trivial problem with integration of Yellowfinbi with Confluence.
We cannot load the report onto the Confluence page. We have written a user macro, which can be inserted on the page. But nothing happens.
The macro allows you to select the parameters that are further inserted into the code of the request to API.
Below I have provided a simple version of the macro code, where it automatically fetches the necessary report. But nothing happens here. Could you please help me with this? Is it necessary to specify the ElementID all the time?

(tried without this line)

(tried without this line)


Best Regards,
Vadim Rutkevich
Hi Vadim,

The problem might be that you are referencing localhost as the source of the report. The only time you should use localhost is if the server accessing the page with the embedded report is the same server that is running Yellowfin.

If you change localhost to a URL that is externally accessible this may correct your issue. If it doesn't, can you check to see if you are getting any javascript errors in your browser?


Hi, Teresa.
Everything runs on my local computer. So the localhost is correct.
I work with Confluence so when I paste this code into the HTML macro, it outputs the report.
But it outputs nothing if I add this code into the user macro.
Is it possible to add some JS code that will add/override HTML rendering before and after the script?

Best Regards,
Vadim Rutkevich
Good Afternoon Vadim,

Hope you are well,

I just wanted to check in with you on this matter and see if you still require any assistance in getting the information you required.

Please let me know if you need any further assistance or information.