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Having Null as a valid filter selection

For a report I have an overview of calls that took place. Those calls are linked on customers who are linked on various labels that we work for.

Not all calls are linked on a label, most of those are prospects that don't yet have a customer record in our database.

So in my report I have
- Company 1
- Company 2
- Company 3
- Null

However when I set a filter on the Label field I can select all the various companies to filter on, but not the Null value, which I don't want to filter out of the results.

Is there a way to do this?

Hi Michel,

Unfortunately there is no way for Yellowfin to list a value that isn't actually there.

So in your case, you will need to be able to do something in the DB, or with a calculated field that can pick-up a prospect with no label, and give them a label like 'Unknown' etc..

A formula like
Case when Company is NULL then 'Unknown' could also be used in Yellowfin.

But there would need to be actual NULL rows in order for this to work.

Hope this covers what you're after.


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