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Hiding the ‘share’ option on dashboards


I have set up a dashboard for an external customer, however I cannot seem to get rid of the 'share' option when click the down arrow options on the dashboard.

When the share dashboard option is selected, it enables me to see and share the dashboard with all Yellowfin users including other external customers - something is not wanted.

I have unchecked the 'Distribute Reports' option in the role settings, however cannot find a related option for dashboards.

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Many Thanks
Hi Helen,

I hope you are well,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, having tested this within our latest 7.2 build I can see that this option is not available.

Further to my investigation I can see that we have raised this as an Enhancement Request; TASK ID: 143394, of which as of yet there is no ETA.

With this I will keep you informed as to the happenings of this issue.

I hope this helps.