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How do I add text labels to a report?


I am trying to add in text labels to my report. Is this possible in Yellowfin 7?

There is some information on adding Labels to reports in the Yellowfin Wiki here.

Let me know if I can provide more information or assistance.

Kind Regards,

Hi Danny,

I would like to add a text box to a report that can let me type in any text. The link that you mentioned only applies to charts.

The text that I need to type in is independent of the cross tab report and it needs to be displayed at the top of the report.

Thank you.

I guess what you're after can be done with the report description.

However, there could be another way to do this, though it does require a multi-chart.

The only other alternative to the above options, is to use report comments , as this allows users to comment on the report itself.
However this is not displayed above the report, so probably not exactly what you were after.

It's also worth noting, we are planning on using the multi-chart canvas for the dashboard builder, so this should allow you to drag reports (even if table only) around and add text labels. Though I do not have an ETA on this, it's just something we want to do.

Hopefully one of these methods can give you the results you were after, and please let us know if we can help you with anything else.


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