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How do I sum a calculated field in a drill down report

I have a hierarchy of Region then sub_region. I want to create a calculated field that will input a defined target for each sub-region. However if I am looking at the report by region, I'd like the target to be the sum of all the sub_region targets. I can't seem to find a way to do this. Attached is my calculated field and the report by region then the report drilled down to sub region. Please help!
Hi Derek,

unfortunately your attachment didn't attach, and that's a pity because the issue must lie within it, I say that because I made a simple report using our Ski Team demo data and could easily meet your requirements. For example, here is the Drill Down at the top level and the calculated field is correctly summing each region:

Forum image

and then after drilling down, the calculated field is now showing the correct sum for each country of the region:

Forum image

if you're interested, the calculated field was very basic: