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How do I use the web services from ASP.Net MVC


I'm new to YellowFin, and I'm in the process of producing a POC to see if I can make use of the product.

I have an ASP.NET MVC project from which I'm trying to make calls to the YelowFin (7.1) web services. I have made the changes to the stubs as recommended here[1] which resolved a few problems, but I am having other problems similar to the one detailed in the first comment here[2] (Cannot assign object[] to StoryboardDescriptor[]).

Both these threads suggest that ASP.Net use the "JAX ;)" services. I've enabled these on my YellowFin installation, created the appropriate c# stubs via SvcUtil, but I'm still receiving errors[3].

* Is there a more detailed guide somewhere that helps with integrating YellowFin with a .Net application?


Hi Rik,

Unfortunately we don't have any more information on integration with .net other than what you have already found.

Generally we just pass this info on, and clients do their integration thing.

We have had a few requests for some specific examples with .net so currently trying to read up on .net to do this.
It's not something we are going to be able to provide soon though, as we need to learn how to use .net.

Sorry for the bad news, we have just never needed to provide such detailed information before.


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