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How to change relative URL’s?

At the moment we have a web server set up that hosts our main site at [code][/code]
We have Yellowfin running on a separate server.
We would like to make access to our Yellowfin server available at [code][/code].

We've managed to successfully use HAProxy so that requests made to [code][/code] get redirected to the Yellowfin server. This gets us as far as being able to access the Yellowfin login page.

The trouble we're having is that the Yellowfin server is generating relative page links without the '/bi/' prefix.
E.g. The Yellowfin login form is submitting to '/login.i4', which results in
instead of the required '/bi/login.i4'

Assuming that it's possible, how can we configure the Yellowfin server so that the generated links are as described above?


Thanks for the detailed.

I'll do my best to get this working for you, though I suspect what you're facing is related to the web server itself, and unfortunately we are unable to control what is does.

Have you tried changing the Yellowfin app path mentioned in the following post:
Changing default ROOT url path for Yellowfin

Please let me know how this goes.


Thanks for trying Yellowfin

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