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How to configure LDAP welcome screen option?

Dear YF Support Team!

The latest YF 7 patch brought according to the change log the following enhancement:

[143328] Added a configuration option to allow LDAP users to be taken to the welcome screen on initial login

This enhancement is great and I would like to enable this new option. Thus, after installing the latest monthly YF 7 patch, I searched through the configuration menue for this new feature but was not able to find it.

Could you please help me and guide the way? I maybe have overlooked it...

Thank you so much & kind regards,
Hi Sebastian,

welcome back! I hope you had a nice holiday.

At the moment this new feature isn't configurable through the UI, you will have to run the following query against your Yellowfin repository to enable the feature:



P.S. I hope James replenishes your beer collection!
Hi David,
thank you very much for your feedback. We tested the enhancement this morning and run into a serious problem:

Existing LDAP users got the Welcome Screen as intended but with the user interface option to change their password. And because they can not (and are not allowed to) change their LDAP password from within Yellowfin, they run into the following error screen and are stucked at the welcome screen without actually beeing able to enter their Dashboards:

Forum image

According to my understanding, LDAP users should get a separate Welcome Screen without the password user interface.

Is it possible to fix this accordingly?

Thank you so much & kind regards,

P.S. Yes, his visit was absolutely great! We visited a brewery... ;-)
Hi Sebastian,

This is very strange indeed, I have tried to reproduce this issue over here with a new LDAP user logging in for the first time, but I didn't get that error at all, I went straight from the Welcome screen to the Dashboards screen.

Forum image

Could you please tell us whether you get the 3 password fields in your Welcome screen (we can't tell because your screenshot is cropped):

Forum image

The reason we ask this is because there is an identical block of code for the 3 password fields as there is for the error message you received, so if you are getting the error message then might also be getting the 3 password fields (whereas I am not getting the error message and also I am not getting the 3 password fields - see welcome for Daffy Duck above). I'm not sure if I have explained this well but it doesn't really matter I guess, just please let us know about the 3 Change your Password fields.

Also, are you able to send us the data from your Person table and let us know which person(s) get that error message when they log in.


P.S. That sounds like the sort of sight-seeing I would like to do!
Hi David!

Thank you for the feedback! This is indeed strange. I can confirm the following:

=> All users we tested got the 3 Change your Password fields you mentioned.

The Welcome Screen you linked within your post looks great! This is exactly what I am looking for our LDAP users.

I have sent the person table to the Support eMail adress.

Thank you so much for your efforts!

Kind regards,