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How to connect to tables with same name in different schemas?


I have a connection pointing to a SQL server 2014 database.

On said database we have multiple schemas and some object names are duplicated across these schemas e.g.


when I create a Yellowfin view I don't seem to be able to choose one of the two views i.e.

I can enter "Dim_Month" into the search and it just shows one result without a schema prefix (in our case when I look at the properties of the table after selecting I can see it selected ssas.Dim_Month).
When I enter the schema prefix the search fails completely.

So how do I specify the particular object I wish to use?

Note I can't limit the connection to a particular schema as I need to be able to query across schemas.

Hi Robin,

unfortunately the functionality you have described is not currently possible in the Yellowfin View Builder. However we have had 2 previous requests for this from other customers, so there already exists an enhancement request - 131111, and I have added a note to it that you also would like such a new feature.

I do know that I have definitely heard talk of revamping the View Builder soon, although not sure if it will be in 7.3 or later.