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How to create a “fillable” (template) form?

We are using Yellowfin to primarily to track yield data but also to create contracts.

We have employees in the field who contact potential customers and enter their information (name, address etc...) in to our database. We then use this data in Yellowfin to create a contract based on this information. As all our contracts are carbon copies of one another, we are seeking a way to enter the data collected in to the relevant "variable" fields within the contract.

Does anyone know how this can be done within Yellowfin or is there a work around using the map chart to overlay this data on a picture and then assign coordinates for alignment?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Yellowfin is a reporting tool and can�t be used to insert new data back into the data source � i.e. it is not a database management tool.

There are 2 ways to you can try to get around this.

1. Create a report in Yellowfin and using Parameters, have the parameters display values in your report.
You can then export this report to CSV and use that CSV to import into your DB.

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2.With a little bit of coding on your part you could create your own JSP to write to the data source, with the data being passed to it by an embedded Yellowfin.

Hopefully this helps, otherwise you will need to insert your data into the DB itself outside of Yellowfin, which can then be connected to and reported off.