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How to create a report using as filters the values obtained from another report?

Hello everyone, I will be more than glad if someone can help me out here.

I am trying to create a report that automatically update the filters based in the values obtained form another report.

Here is the thing, every month the company that I work for is sending software updates to 2300 computers, after deployment is completed I need to look for the computers that have not taken the update, to do that I need to run a report that returns the list of computers which software update value is different to the latest release. That is easy, set the filters and run the report. Now, I have another report that return the top value from the list of software deployed over the last 6 months. What I would like to do is pass that top value to the report that give me the list of computers not updated.

Does someone think this is something doable?
I assume that by "top value" you mean something like "max(...)".
In that case, you could try the following:

1. Duplicate the existing "6 months" report. Edit the duplicate.

2. Add a "join" type subquery.

3. Design the subquery so it reproduces the existing "not updated" report.

4 Define the join condition something like this: