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How to disable only Sub Query Filter Group Legend

Dear YF Support Team!

When using an Append Sub Query with the same filter group as the Master Query YF offers the possibility to connect both filter groups:

Forum image

But although the filter groups are connected (=equal filter fields), the filter legend shows the same entries for the master and the sub queries:

Forum image

And I am not able to configure the visibility within the filter menue because it is a view level filter group:

Forum image

It would be very helpful to surpress the filter legend ONLY for the Sub Queries like for report level filters:

Forum image

Is there currently any option to accomplish this? Or is there a chance to implement this option?

Thank you so much & kind regards,
Hi Sebastian,

Thank you for your request and adding the screenshots.

I have created an enhancement request for this to be considered for a future build (TASK ID: 180396).

If you have any further questions, please let me know.

Kind Regards,

Thank you, Katie!