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How to enable Bookmarks for Drill-Through Reports?

Dear YF Support Team!

We are using YF 7.1 (October Build). Some of our end users have requested that they would like to create bookmarks while beeing in a Drill-Through Child Report. Currently this is not possible as you can see within the Screenshot below:

Parent Drill-Through Report (Bookmark Option is available):

Forum image

Child Drill-Through Report (Bookmark Option is NOT available):

Forum image

Is this behavour intended (because of technical restrictions?) Or is there a wrong configuration at work on our side?

Thank you so much for your help!

Kind regards,
Hello Sebastian,

Thank you again for submitting your question in the forum
along with the screenshots!

I believe that what you are experiencing is intended, it is
just how the system is set up for creating Bookmarks.

As you know, Bookmarks allow the user to save the drill paths
and filter values that have been applied to a report in order to reapply
them to fresh data at a later date.

So the thought is that a user would most likely decide to create this
Bookmark at the parent report.

Let us know if there was anything else!


Hi Kyle,

thank you for the clarification. Good to know that this is intended! I think we can live with that YF behaviour. ;-)

Thank you & kind regards,

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