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How to get the Calculated Total in Report Output

Dear Yellowfin Support Team!

I have problems with the feature "Calculated Total" within different reports. It is not visible in the report output. To make the replication for you as easy as possible, I am using the Sky Team Demo Data in the following description of my problem.

(1) I created a basic report with the Dimensions Athlete Region Athlete Country and the metric Athlete Counter.

(2) I added a calculated metric Age = 34 which sums all Athletes with an age of 34.

Forum image

(3) I added the calculated metric field two times in order to use an advanced function.

Forum image

(4) I used the advanced function "percentage against column" based on the second calculated metric field against the field Athlete Counter.

Forum image

(5) I enabled sub totals for all columns while using SUM for the first two columns while for the column with the advanced function applied I am using Calculated Total. But as you can see in the screenshot (marked in red), the calculated total is not showing up...

Forum image

=> My expectation is that the "Calculated Total" would show the percentage of subtotals of the first two columns in red marked areas.

For example (row 8 = Asia Sub Total): 4.65% [100/452*21]

Do you know how to approach what I am looking for?

Thank you so much & kind regards,
Hi Sebastian,

thanks for the screenshots, I was able to reproduce the issue as you described.
I have the same expectation as you, i.e. that the percentage of the subtotals would not be missing, so I have raised a product defect (Support
Task 170876) and added it to the agenda for the next developers' meeting.

thanks for alerting us to the issue, and apologies for the inconvenience.

Thank you, David!
Hi Sebastian,

I have an update on this task.

This is not actually a defect, but just how the calculated total works.
The calculated total gets the report result set, and determines the value of the calculation across the WHOLE result set.

With the example you have provided, it doesn't work because "Age at Camp" is not included in the report, so it's not in the result set.
Because the calculated total is calculated after we get the report result set back, there's really no way to do this without returning every athlete record - i.e. having no aggregation in the report.
The advanced function in this case makes no difference, even without it, we can't calculate the calculated total.

A better way to do this would be to use sub queries - eg. your master query returns the count of all athletes, and the sub query does the same but has a filter "Age at Camp = 34". Then you can add a calculated field on the master query that works out the percentage, and the calculated total works in this case.

I have attached an export of the report updated to be done with sub queries, and a screenshot.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns with this.
The task has been closed.

Hi David,
thank you very much for your helpful remarks. We imported the report xml and had a look at your report. Finally, we have been able to implement the same logic into our reports. Now it is working fine.

But we are running into a different (smaller) issue: The field description does not reflect the actual content of the field anymore. As you can see for example with your report, the column definition within the info tab of the reports are equal or meaningless:

Forum image

Before, we provided a description of the calculated fields on view level. Now the report description stems from the original metric field or the name of the calculated field. Thus, is there any possibility or an existing enhancement request to change the decription of the field on report level?

The reason for this request is that we now teach our end users to use the column definitions within the info tab as an inbuild glossary for all questions regarding the exact definitions of metrics or dimensions.

Thank you so much & kind regards,

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