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Images in 7,1 are not alle classified

In my Yellowfin 7.1 (upgrade installation) it appears that in the configuration-module "Images and Maps" not all Images are classified.

Forum image

It looks like this are the images that where added while creating themes or otherwise related to themes.

When you click on this items to edit, then you have the change to classify. But for those theme-based images what has to be choosen? Should i use "Images", or is in the dropdown an item missing (e.g. background images" and is it not displayed while a reference is missing so that that they just look like not being classified?

To the last "suspect":
In the table ReportImageItem there is a field ImageTypeCode that can contain a value "BACKGROUND". So this suspect might be the right one.
If so, i should like to have the possibility to alter the background-images in this module (so please not exclude these Background-images from this module..., that the other ImageTypeCode THUMBNAIL seems to be excluded do i understand and those should to my opinion remain excluded)
Hi Peter,

Thanks for all the info.

I have raised a support task (TASK ID = 174162) which will be brought up at the Monday dev meeting.
We will need to either hide these, or display a different image type.
I'm not sure which way it will go, as I need to leave it to the dev team for the best implementation.

Sorry for any confusion this has caused.