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Importing reports via web service


We have multiple clients with identical views and categories. These clients are created from a "base" client via the web service. Our goal is to create new clients automatically via code.

What we want to do is copy some standard reports from the base client. This can be done currently using the Import/Export functions but we need this ability via the web service.

What I do currently is export the base report XML, update the sourceId, viewId, categoryId and subcategoryId with the new client details and try to import it back. This unfortunately does not work.

This is the method I use to create datasources, views categories etc. but it does not seem to work for reports.

What am I missing?


Sorry, I was not signed in when I posted this question. Thanks.
Hi Aaron.

Sorry for the delay.
I am forwarding your question to a staff member that can better help you with this request.

Thank you
Hi Aaron,

well the theory is sound, it should work, could you please tell us what error message you are getting and also show us the code where the error is being thrown?


Hi Dave,

This is Ryan the developer here. When attempting to import via the web service I get no errors, the status code is SUCCESS.

Delving into the Yellowfin database, it appears to import records into the tables ReportHeader, ReportView and ReportViewSource but no corresponding records for ReportViewRltshp.

Any idea what the problem could be? Are there any other tables I should be looking at that determines if it gets displayed properly?

Hi Ryan,

there's nothing to worry about there, when you import a report into Yellowfin the table called ReportViewRltshp does not get updated. The purpose of that table is to store the relationships between tables that are dragged onto the canvas during the creation of a Yellowfin View.

Ok that's good to know. I did however do another test and I was mistaken in my last post, the import does not import any records into ReportHeader at all. I had it confused with records created by the import function.

Starting with a fresh client, ReportHeader does not get populated. Is there anything else I can do to help me pinpoint the problem?

Hi Aaron,

I think the best thing to do would be to send us your code, we'll have a look at it and let you know if there is anything incorrect in the process.

You can email us the code if you'd like, just quote the subject of this forum post.

Thanks Dave, I have sent you an email with code as requested.
- Ryan