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Installation: Loading data for GeoPack.. Freezes up!

When I'm installing v7.1 the Installer window shows the progress bars (2). The top on says "Loading data" and is about 55-60% blue and the second bar says "Loading data for GeoPackDemographicValue" and is about 20-25% blue. Then it stays there for hours. I guess I'll have to skip the GeoPack but I was excited to see what was all in there.

Any suggestions?

Maybe you could try to increase the amount of memory allocated to java (Max Mem and PermSize)??


If this doesn't work please let us know.


I can confirm this behaviour (on Windows 8.1, installation MS-SQL Express) The installation without geopack worked fine. The installation with Geopack froozes 3 times.

After an installation without the US-Geopack i had manually to change catalina.bat while i became memory-errors

Forum image

After changing these parameters i could start Yellowfin and manually downloaded and installed the US-Geopack (and others). So far (working with this 7.1 one week, i don't have memory-issues any more)

Maybe it's a good thing to remove the rem in catalina.bat and start installation and running with enough memory. Or, maybe better, to give the user during installation the option to choose those importante min- and max-values. Maybe while.... i shouldn't how i could alter the memory-requirements during the installation proces of yellowfin (or is there some trick to use for a "non-java scholed" user.

Maybe this may help to detect where things go wrong.
Hi Peter,

Thanks for the detailed info, and your findings.
Your assumption is correct.

On some PC's (not very many) more memory needs to be allocated to the installer in order to complete. It is not very common.

However, you can run the installer with extra mem by using the command line installer mentioned here: Installing Yellowfin using a .jar file via the command box

Please let me know if you have any questions on this.