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Integrating & Emdedding Yellowfin into a custom application or webpage – Overview

There are a number of ways you can embed & integrate Yellowfin into a custom app.
Below is a list of commonly used environment setups when integrating YF, though you will need to read the attached guides for detailed information.

PLEASE SEE : Integration

[size="18">Option 1: Yellowfin within an iFrame.[/size]
In this scenario, Yellowfin is simply loaded within an iFrame.
Single sign-on is possible.
There can be security flaws due to iFrames.
Browser -display issues can always arise.
This option is not recommended.

[size="18">Option 2: Yellowfin 'Tight integration'.[/size]
In this scenario Yellowfin is loaded in a full page and custom headers/footers are used to link to your own application.
Single sign-on is possible.
You will need to write your own header/footer jsp to pass the revelant data to your application.
Examples of custom headers can be found in the YellowfinDevelopmentExamples directory.
More information can be found in the Yellowfin Styles Guide documentation.
This option is recommended and most commonly used.

[size="18">Option 3: Yellowfin web service integration.[/size]
Single sign-on is possible.
In this scenario actions performed within your application will be passed to Yellowfin via webservices.
You will need to use webservices for all actions that will be passed to Yellowfin.
Reports will be displayed and can be specified to use a certain user accounts.
This setup can take a bit of work to achieve the exact results you are after, as not all YF tasks can be performed using webservices.
User-prompt filter values will need to be passed from your application.
Not all actions can be called using web-services (e.g. setting configuration options).
This option is only recommended if you simply want to display reports.

[size="18">Option 4: Embed Reports using Javascript integration.[/size]
Single-sign is only possible with Yellowfin 6 + builds.
Dashboard embedding is only possible with Yellowfin 6 + builds.
In this scenario, you can only display the Yellowfin reports/dashboards in your application/webpage.
You won't be able to access other areas of Yellowfin (eg. Report list, View builder, Administration).
This option is only recommended if you simply want to display reports.

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If you cannot see the attached documents please email so they can be emailed across