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Is it possible to use time in filter?


Is it possible to use time as filters and as an incremental filter?

For example: ( 24hrs )

Time filter 1 : User pick 00-08
Time filter 2 : User pick 09-15 (user cannot pick the same time range as the previouse filter)
Time filter 3 : User pick 16-22 (user cannot pick the same time range as the previouse filter)
Time filter 4 : User pick 23-24 (user cannot pick the same time range as the previouse filter)

The incremental filter goes on until the full 24hrs time period is not chosen.

Hi Mot,

I'm not sure if I have understood the requirements correctly, but I think the Yellowfin feature called Bookmarks could be the easiest way to meet this requirement.

Basically you set a filter to run between 00 and 09 and then save it as "00-09", then you do the same for the other time intervals, and ultimately the user will be able to pick which time interval from a list they want to use:

Forum image

Please let us know if this doesn't meet that requirement.

Hi Dave,

The requirement would use a IN LIST type of filter. Will it possible to use that kind of filter for the requirement?

Hi Mot,

The bookmark simply saves a filter value entered.
So in the example above, the filter uses an 'in between' period.
You then save each period as a bookmark.

You now have a list of time periods you can click on.
So I guess you could say the list of bookmarks is an 'equal to' filter, as you can only pick a bookmark at a time.

However, you can always create a larger time period, e.g. 15 - 09

Hope this helps.


]Hi David,

Here is a sample report

Forum image

So basically there would be a four time slice as filter and the result will be based on that parameter by hour
Hi Mot,

Unforunately Yellowfin will not be able to give you a list of date periods as the in-list filter you want.
The only way to select a value in that in-list filter, is to actually 'cache' the values, and for that to work, the values need to be returned to Yellowfin by an SQL query, they are not 'user-entry'.

Sorry for the bad news.


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