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Is there a way to make the data truncation warning always appear (when relevant)?

If a list report has more than 10,000 rows (or whatever limit you set below that), the first time the report is run and it exceeds that limit, there's an excellent warning letting the user know that not all of the data they have asked for is in the report.

Unfortunately it only seems to appear the first time that happens.

We find users forget about this quite easily and then start asking where their data is.

Is there a way to always have the message display when the limit is reached?
Hi Max,

Thank you for posting up your question on the forum.

Can I ask where you have the row limit set at???

Data Row Limit

Also, which version and build of YF are you currently using? E.g. 7.1, Nov

I set my row limit on the report level and after I save the report, each subsequent time I
open it, I get the message that the data has been truncated.

I'm using 7.1, Dec build.

Please advise and I will follow up accordingly.


Ah! Thank you. I was unaware that one could set the data source to 'unlimited' which is a much better fix for our purposes.

Thanks for trying Yellowfin

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