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Is there any way to prevent the report refresh when pulling in / out new columns?

So in 7.1, the new Report Builder is fantastic.

One thing I have found though, is that when I am building a report with multiple columns, or removing columns from a copied report, after every action the report / preview pane freezes up for 1-2 seconds. Even with Auto Refresh turned off, after every action I have to wait for the "Refreshing report. Please wait..." to pop up so that I can cancel it (or wait for it to complete)

For example, this happens every time I pull out a column, every time I add a column, every time I want to add an aggregation to a column I just added. This can really slow down report development for users like me, that already know what I want to build and what I want it to look like, as there are times where I just want to add or remove a bunch of columns at once, without having to wait after each.

Is there any configuration setting to disable this live view of the report? Atleast until the end, when I can manually hit Refresh Report to see the data / table structure?

Hi Alex,

Thank you for posting your question on the forum and glad to
hear that you are enjoying the new report builder in 7.1.

Which build of 7.1 are you using? E.g. Dec?
Which browser are using?
Do these reports contain filters? How are they set up?

I've tested this in 7.1, Dec build, using Chrome. I've turned off Auto Refresh as well.
The "refresh report, please wait' box still appears but for less then a split second.

Please let me know on the above questions and I can continue to
look at this for you.

Thank you,

Hi Kyle,

Thank you for your timely response.

I am not actually sure what build of 7.1 we are using, but I am also using Chrome, and creating a very simple report with no filters.

As an example, I just drag a text field in as a column, with Auto Refresh off. I go to quickly drag another column in, but I am locked out as I have to wait for the "Refreshing report" dialog box to appear and for the "ABC" or "123" dummy data to be added as a column.

I guess my concern is not necessarily how long it takes for the dummy data to be added, but just the fact that is added at all. For my use case of quickly dragging in several columns, or quickly dragging out columns, even the smallest delay of ~1 second each time can significantly slow me down.

While I can appreciate why the dummy column data is added, I was just wondering if there was any configuration or option to disable that by default. If not, I totally understand, but I thought I would ask.

Thanks again!
Hi Alex,

Thank you for getting back to us. For future reference, you
can find out which build of YF you are on by going to the Admin
page and then to System Information.

Forum image

So, hopefully you are on the latest build as it will always be
the most efficient in terms of performance. With that said, there
will always be a slight delay when editing your reports, it's just
how the system works. Even when adding dummy data.

One tip I can offer (you may already be aware of this) is that you
can select multiple fields, by holding down the shift key, to add
to the report at one time.

Hope this helps and thank you for your understanding.