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Issue with chart drill thorough in dashboard


We are having an issue with particular summary charts that contain a drill through to a details chart, the parameter (team name) isn't being successfully passed from the summary to the detail chart.

Operation is fine when run stand alone, however when the chart is put into a dashboard the issue rears its head.

Note: I have had this issue in the past and it was resolved by recreating the charts in the Live environment - however this no longer resolves the issue. Our Live environment is running v6.3

Also both filters in parent and child are set to access value filters.


Hello Pete,

Can you let us know what version and build of Yellowfin you are using?

Kind Regards,

Apologies, its build 20130909
Hello Pete,

Just jumping in here for Danny as he is
in Melbourne and due to the time difference
will not be back in action for another couple
of days.

It looks like, if I'm not mistaken, that your build
is 12 patches behind? Also, the Sept build in 2013
should be 09/26, not 09/09. Can you double check
your license page to confirm?

Is it possible for you upgrade to the latest build
of 6.3??. As there are many bugs that have been
fixed in the upgrades as well as enhancements

Can you also send in a few screenshots of your
charts, including what you see when you attempt
the drill through?

Thank you,