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Issue with drill down in 7.1


1. In 7.0 default setting was 'No Drill' but after upgrade to 7.1 it got change to 'Drill Down' due to which every time we create a new report we need to put an extra effort to change it to 'No Drill'. Can you please change the default setting to 'No Drill' or else at the admin level if we get the facility to edit the default setting to NoDrill.

2. If the report is Drill Down it allows the user to select all the hierarchy fields together. Ideally it should not allow all the fields if its a hierarchy. Please find the attached screen shot for the same.

I would like to add that this feature has a negative impact to our users. We need a way to turn-off the feature or need way to set the default to 'No-Drill' at a Client Org level,

Our users have started complaining on this issue as they need to explicity make as 'No Drill' for every new report.

Hi Dhrati and Guruprasad,

Thank you for contacting us and for your feedback on the drill down feature in 7.1.

I have created an Enhancement task so that the administrator would be able to choose the default setting. (TASK ID: 174086).

Dhrati, regarding your second question I wondered if you could resend the images, as they have not come through with the original post. I have tested this and when drill down was on it only allowed me to use one field from the hierarchy.

If you have any questions or I can assist further on this matter, please let me know.

Kind Regards,
Hi Katie,

Regarding the TASK ID: 174086 could you please provide an update by when this it get fixed?

Hello Dhrati,

This enhancement request has yet to be addressed by our Dev team. If you feel this is a critical
item for you and your team, it may be worth reaching out to your YF account manager to see if
they can work with you on having this looked at.

Thank you,


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