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Javascript to login from OEM app?

We would like to embed Yellowfin within our web application by using the simplest means to allow for single sign-on.

Is it possible to use JavaScript to call the YF webservice and login the user to Yellowfin?

I am not sure that we want to use the webservices techniques outlined in your "guide_integration.." PDF. Reading this document it seems that the only way to login the user is via a call to a custom JSP? is this true?


Thank you for posting your question on the forum.

I'm not certain which "guide integration" PDF you are referring to but I have
included a link to the most relevant forum post we have on embedding YF into
your own web application. This forum will also include additional links to the different
options that are available.

If after reading through these you have additional questions, please send them
through and we will address them.

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