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JAX Service ReportRequest fails with Error Code 25


I'm trying to integrate an Asp.Net MVC application with the YellowFin (7.1) JAX web services. I appear to have solved the issues around incorrectly generated stubs[1][2], and now I receive a response from the server. Unfortunately it fails with an Error Code of 25, which I understand means Could Not Authenticate User[3].

As far as I can tell the user name and password are correct, and are being passed correctly to the server. Is there something else I need to do?

var request = new reportServiceRequest();
request.loginId = "";
request.password = "test";
request.orgId = 1;

request.reportRequest = "XLS";
request.reportId = reportId;

var service = new LegacyReportServiceClient();
var response = service.remoteReportCall(request);

// at this point response.errorCode == 25


Please check the following:

1. If you are using the ReportService then you need to have a MULTICAST licence. (You do not need a MULTICAST licence when using the AdministrationService)

2. Make sure that you can login to Yellowfin frontend using the user that you are attempting to perform the webservice with.

3. The user you are attempting to perform the login with must have the WEBSERVICE function enabled in their role.

Other clients that have had problems with .NET stub generation have used WireShark to determine the differences between the generated SOAP XML when using a Java client and .NET stubs. Issues with incompatible data types may cause usernames and passwords to be interpreted incorrectly on the Yellowfin side.
Yellowfin is bundled with some JSP examples in Yellowfin/development/examples/webservices

There are several JSP that call the ReportService, including ws_report.jsp and ws_report_soap.jsp.

You can test these by placing them in the Yellowfin/appserver/webapps/ROOT directory and calling them through a browser like: http://yellowfin-server:8080/ws_report.jsp

You will need to modify the JSP to point to the correct Yellowfin instance, and update the user credentials.

Please validate that you can run a report using the Java examples with the same server, user and report.