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Kanban board

I saw in the 7.2 presentation, that tasks can be viewed in a Kanban board like manner. How is this done?

I can only choose between the following layouts: Timeline, discussion lists, task management, and none of them give me the Kanban board.

Since it is a great way to view tasks I would love to get to know how to do this.
Hi Jesper,

yes, totally agree with you - the Japanese Kanban board is a great way to view tasks! And in fact, I'm pleased to tell you that you already know now to do this, you just didn't know you were doing it!

What I mean by this is that when you chose to open a Discussion Stream and saw those 3 layout choices, the 2nd layout called Discussion Lists is the layout that is based upon the Japanese Kanban board style.

I hope that helps you exploring the many new wonderful innovative features of Yellowfin 7.2