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KPI trend not diplaying when view cached


I have 4 KPI reports displaying on a dashboard as Trends, Actuals, Target, etc.

When I put a non-zero cache period on the underlying view all the graphics and data disappeared from the KPI section of the dashboard, only the report names remained.

When clicking on the reports to see them in report view all the data was as expected.

As soon as I put the cache period on the view back to 0 the graphics re-appeared.

Why won't the KPI's work on a cached view?

Hi Robin,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you on this query. Can we please request the following;

- Current version and build of YF you are using?
- Screenshots of KPI dashboard w/o graphics, etc., reports in how they look when opened
in the builder, and the setting of the cached view when it doesn't work.

If it's easier to send this info via email, just send it to and reference this
forum post title.

Thank you,