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Link to BIRT report (Jasper)

Is it possible to link from a YellowFin report to a BIRT report? The report was designed in Jaser and created in YellowFin using the BIRT report option/importing the XML.

For instance-a YellowFin report is a list of users with user ID. I want to link to a BIRT report that shows entries from a certain log for that user; so you would click on the user ID and the BIRT report would display info only for that user.

If the target report was a YellowFin report, I would use the 'Drill Through' option and setup the data to pass to the target report on the 'Related Reports' page.
Hi guest,

I tested this out for you and unfortunately it looks like it's not possible to link from a YF report to a Jasper report. This is because the filters aren't coming through on the Related Reports screen, i.e. you can't link the YF filters to the Jasper ones, this is just like if you try and link a YF report to a YF Freehand SQL report.

Sorry for the bad news.