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Manage Broadcast Recipients from Admin Console

In v7.1, it would be a great enhancement to be able to manage broadcast recipients from the Admin Console's Schedule Management screen. Currently, you have to go to each report, one at a time.
Please bring this up to the developers as a possible enhancement.

Also, it would be nice to see the entire report name in the Schedule Management screen. (see attached image)

Hello Chris,

Thank you for taking the time to provide the feedback,
always appreciated.

There is presently an outstanding enhancement request that
would allow users to manage broadcast recipients from the Admin
Console Schedule Management screen. However, task ID# 180226 has yet
to make it in front of our Dev team for consideration.

I've added your notes to the existing task.

In regards to your second issue, the tooltip should highlight
the full name of your report.

Forum image

I hope this all helps but if not, please let us know.

Thank you,

Thanks for the quick response Kyle. I look forward to the enhancement being added.

In regards to the tooltip for the full name, we have a number of reports that start off with the same wording. Having to mouseover for the tooltip is time consuming. Being able to expand that column would be a nice help.


Hi Chris,

I've taken another look at this for you and raised
an enhancement request to have this functionality considered
for a future release. Task ID #188035, the ability to expand the
Schedule Management page so that the Report name is shown in
its entirety.

Thank you,