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Map point to drive filter

I have a Google GIS map and I want selection of the map point to drive a filter in a linked report table.

For example, the map point label = "CC1234" and this will supply a filter criteria for a table that has a cost centre (CC) field.

Have not found anything on this in the wiki, tutorial or forum so I wonder if I am taking "wrong approach"?

I would also consider a solution whereby clicking on the map point results in a "pop-up" report - e.g. label / description actually contains a mini report (the table I am trying to filter in my first example). Perhaps this is an option?

If none of the above are possible how would you approach this problem? I attach an example picture of what I am trying to do.
Hi Justin,

Thank you for contacting us with your requests.

I have spoken with the development team and we have created an Enhancement Request for you (TASK ID: 179835) for these functions to be considered for a future build.

Just so I can reference them in the task I wondered what version and build of Yellowfin you are using and also if you could resend the example picture, as it doesn�t look like it attached. I will then add these to the enhancement request.

If you have any questions or I can assist further with this matter, please let me know.

Kind Regards,