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Metric Colours not applying in Bar Chart (7.1)

I created a horizontal bar chart in Yellowfin 7.1 and included visible series selection and set the series colours to be the metric colours applied in the view.

When only one measure is selected, it displays in the colour of the first measure, regardless of which one is selected, and when more than one is selected, the colours used are in order of the metrics available overall, not those selected.

Fore exapmle, Sales should be blue, Costs red, Margin green, Quantity grey and GP% orange:

Forum image

But when only Margin is selected, it shows in blue instead of green:

Forum image

When Sales, Margin and Quantity are selected, they show in blue, red and green, which are the colours for the first three metrics:

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Hi Andy

When you set a metric or metrics, that is in lets say the "Horizontal Axis with a specific color (see attached screen shot), you will have that color associated with that metric in the Bar Chart as long as you are viewing the report that is currently setup.

But as soon as you start pulling the metric or metrics out of the Axis then put back the software thinks you are finished with that particular report and will reset your specifically chosen color back to Default.
Once back to Default Metric in Series Setting the software will randomly choose the color when metrics are pulled back into the Axis again instead of giving your those colors you set.

So currently the only way to keep the specific color for your Bar Charts for different views is to set the Series Setting color per report.

Let me know if that makes sense.
Thank you
Hi Mark,

Sorry for the delay in responding. I've done a comparative test, making a vertical column chart of the same data and putting the two charts on a canvas, both with series selection and only a single series initially selected.

Forum image

The vertical column changes colour with the metric, and the colours are those set against the metric in the view. In the horizontal bar the colours do not change, they remain set to the colour of the default series.

I've concluded that if the horizontal bar chart is created with more than one series added to the chart then the colours get 'confused' when selecting either combinations of series or even single series. However, if only the required default series is added, then the colours do change according to the metric being used as the selected series. Vertical column charts maintain the correct colours whether single or multiple series are used.

The upshot of this is that for the purpose in mind I can work around the problem, but it would be nice if the behaviour was consistent between horizontal bars and vertical columns.