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Migrating YF


We like to migrate our Yellowfin database to another 'open-source' database. Can you recommen us one? What's the best way to do this and get our YF content in this new database?


Hi Salvatore

Hope all is well early into this year called 2015!

I have attached a file called Yellowfin Architecture that has a list of some of the available databases.
Two of our favorite open source databases that work well are MySQL and Postgres.
If you want the database to have a gui then Postgres has one built in. MySQL requires a separate gui software. There is a list of choices out there MySQL gui choices. Sequel Pro seems to work well here.

As for instructions on moving the database let me ask a few questions.
-What database are you currently using?
-Will you be keeping the same machine to run Yellowfin on?
-Are you running Yellowfin from a server or a stand alone computer?
-Is the machine Windows based?

Thank you
Hi Mark,

Thank you for the quick response. Below the answers on your questions:

1. What database are you currently using?
- Oracle
2. Will you be keeping the same machine to run Yellowfin on?
- For our test environment we will.
3. Are you running Yellowfin from a server or a stand alone computer?
- Server
4. Is the machine Windows based?
- No Linux

If you have anymore questions please let me know.

Kind Regards,

Hi Salvatore

Thanks for answering those questions!

Since you are using Linux I would like to speak with a dev member this afternoon just to make sure there are no added steps for doing the database move.

Will be back with you shortly.
Hi Salvatore,

To jump in here.

When migrating databases, it can be tricky. We do know of clients that have moved between DB's, but unfortunately it's not something we can really help with.

Recommend a database?
That's a hard one, as you need to see what database fits in with your environment.
Generally any of the major Open-Source DB's are fine.
We do have a lot of clients using MySQL and Postgres if that helps.

However, in terms of the migration, there could be a number of articles that could help. Just nothing written by us ;)

Another thing to consider is to use the Yellowfin Export tool to export all YF created content, then you can import into your new Yellowfin installation.

However, keep in mind, configuration items, users, groups cannot be included in the Yellowfin Export/Import.

Hope this helps and please let us know if you have any further questions on this.