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Migration of Repository DB from HSQLDB to SQL Server


I had initially installed YF 6.3 with the Repository DB being HSQLDB. I have created multiple charts and dashboards connecting to Source DB as SAP HANA and SQL Server. All were working fine.

Recently my HSQLDB was over size and realized it is important to move to SQL Server as Repository DB, which I did and also upgraded from YF 6.3 to YF 7.0. While doing that I had exported all my YF components and the same was Imported post the migration.

All my charts with SQL Server is working fine, but the charts connected to SAP HANA are not working while the connection is ON. While I went into the YF views realized all the selected Tables / Views from SAP HANA are not showing in the View screen in the existing YF views. Not sure what could be the problem.

In order to check, I installed YF 6.3 with Repository DB as SQL Server and the problem persists, so I have to move back to HSQLDB.

Any suggestions on what could have gone wrong.

Thanks and Regards,
Hi Prakash,

please zip up and email us all of the log files in appserverlogs, be sure to reference the subject of this forum post so that there is no mix-up.

Hi David,

I have sent you the log files to you as part of our email communication that we have on the other side.


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