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Mismatch in info.jsp and table values

Hi !,

Recently we had an access denied issue (license breach) in Yellowfin due to insufficient number of report writer licenses. However, users were not able to access the system even after removing report writer option from few user profiles.

I tried to replicate this problem in one of our development system, and found that information display in info.jsp page is incorrect compare to table values. Please see following screenshots about writers and consumers in info.jsp and table 'StaffMemberRole'.

Forum image

Forum image

Forum image

Role 'YELLOWFIN_REPORT_WRITER' has all CRUD access for 'Report Access' role function and role 'YELLOWFIN_REPORT_CONSUMER' has only read access.

You can see in images that info.jsp display 20 writers but in table has only 15. Also, info.jsp display 13 consumers but table has 18.

Could you please explain how Yellowfin calculates number of writer licenses and consumers ? When it should be given 'license breach' and restrict the login ?

Hi Supun,

Sorry for the issues you're facing and thanks thanks for the detailed info.

In order for us to get the full picture, can you please send across the following table extracts (in CSV) ;

Just send it to us at, and reference this post.