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Missing advanced option on Column


I have to replicate a report as when we export/import the new version does not pick up the original stored procedures parameters as filters.

There seems no way to add the filter back to the report so I am replicating it as new report looking at the stored procedure does add the parameter as a filter.

When I add Forecast as a column (see attached) I dont have the "advanced" features available on the menu as I do in the original report. Sorry if this is a stupid question but all of the references I have found just assume the advanced option is available.

Can I turn this on ?

and to answer my own question . If you drag the field to the column first on a crosstab report before adding any rows the advanced options are available on the column.

Seems like pretty strange behaviour to me !


Extremely sorry for the delayed response!
This post was missed, and is something that should not occur in the near future with the re-write of the forum.

To answer your questions;

-Stored procedure reports return parameters that are specified in the stored procedure itself.
You cannot remove or add any parameters within YF itself, they all come from the DB stored procedure.

-No need to apologise about the missing 'advanced function' option missing.
This option is not available for cross-tab reports.
However, you can create a row or column based reports and you will have the functions available.
There is however a defect with this, if you first apply the function, then change it to a cross-tab report, the function still tries to apply (which won't work correctly).
This is something that is going to be resolved in the next 2 months.
We are going to show the 'advanced function' for cross-tab reports, but only show functions that relate to cross-tab type reports.

Really sorry for the confusion this has caused, and please let me know if there was anything else you were after, or if I have missed anything.