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mobile and tablet with embedded BI

Hello ,
we are doing an embedded BI solution for a company.
They want the mobile and tablet to work just the same
as on PC.

the questions are :

1. how the screen layout will work when getting inside the iframe
of YF on IPAD? mobile phone?

2. if we want to let the user get in YF mobile app
can we change the look and feel ? like the logo? icon of app?

3. if we use the web services to create the mobile specially for
them , they will need an app? or just url ?

thank you


Hi Itamar,

It is not possible to get the mobile and tablet to work just the same as on the PC, they are different applications, mainly because of the difference in screen size, and also because the touch screen presents differences compared with the mouse.

Regarding rebranding the mobile and tablet please see this other forum post for an explanation about it.


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