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Modifying sections of a Theme, tricky behaviour in Yellowfin 7.1

When altering a theme, there is the nice option of "automatic save". Also while modifying most items saving separate configurations-"blocks" is not necessary. It will be done at the moment you save the theme....

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However, when you modify content-sections... then you have to explicitly save your modifications with a button at the bottom of this menu-item. While the most common-used items are at top of this configuration-block, the save-button is oft forgotten (while it isn't there at the other configuration-items....).

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Based on the data-structure i can understand that the save- and delete-buttons are necessary. But is it possible to have them at top and footer of this configuration option?
Hi Peter,

Thank you for you suggestion. I have created an enhancement task for this be considered for a future build (Task ID: 174417).

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Kind Regards,

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