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Multichart Reports not showed properly in embedded Dashboard

Dear Support,
I created a Dashboard with a multichart report: the reports are combined in a canvas using also icons and texts

Forum image

The report works fine when opening the Dashboard from YellowFin, but doesn't work well when opening the dashboard in an external HTML page.

We embedded the Dashboard code on a Share Point page, and that's the result: only the first report is showed, and the canvas it's not used at all:

Forum image

Also, only the first tab is showed, the other three tabs are missed.

ANy idea on how to solve it?

Sorry, here the first screenshot of the Dashboard on YellowFIn:

Forum image

Hi Francesca,

Unfortunately, we have limited info and experience with embedding YF into
Sharepoint. In our experience we simply used the Javascript URL and embedded
into Sharepoint and it all worked. Of course, our Dashboard wasn't exactly like
yours. And, since you have confirmed that your Dashboard renders correctly within
the YF UI it does sound like Sharepoint is doing something weird, which is really outside
of our support.

Have you tried embedding the Dashboard into another external HTML and see
how it looks? Have you also tried using a different browser?

Can you let us know?

Thank you,


Hello Francesca,

Furthermore, the multi-chart canvas isn�t actually supported for use through the JavaScript API yet.

Please see the link from our Wiki which outlines the limitations involved with Javascript API.


Thank you,


Hi Kyle,
Thanks a lot for your reply.

One more question: in the link you gave me I read: "Only one dashboard is supported per HTML page"
That means only the first dashboard tab is shown when the dashboard is embedded on a HTML page?

We were considering if to go for a Multicast license, in order to publish the Dashboard on the Intranet, but those limitations are quite big for us.

Hi Francesca,

Thank you for your note. Yes, only one dashboard tab can be shown when a
dashboard is embedded on a HTML page.

The Javascript API functionality is something that is being addressed and very well
may see improvement in an upcoming release of the product.

In the meantime, please see the following link for a possible solution to sharing
a dashboard or report to users outside of YF.

Report Recipient list for Broadcasting

Thank you,

Hi Kyle,
we'll wait for improvements on the Javascript API before to go for the Multicast solution!

Thanks a lot for your clarifications and support,