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MySQL Data source connection

Hello Support,

Connection to a MySQL database seems to drop very frequently, requiring me to go back to the Admin Console > Datasource and running 'Test Connection'.

MySQL Workbench and TOAD do not have connection issues, which are running on the same machine. Please advise if I need to check anything else as it drops after a couple of minutes quite often�

I have attached the Yellowfin log file for your attention.

Best Regards,

Steve Chapman
DSCallards Limited

UK Yellowfin Partner
Hi Steve,

Sorry to hear your having issues with your data source connection.
Firstly let me start by giving you some idea to how Yellowfin connects to your data source. It uses the Mysql JDBC driver to make a connection, and run the report.
The data source connection should not be marked as unavailable unless the data source has a problem and then marked as disconnected.

Here are some questions that should help us understand what is happening;

-Does TOAD use the same JDBC driver and connection to your database?
-How is Yellowfin setup in your environeent?
-Do you have long running queries which is killing the MySQL server connection?
-Did this only start occurring after some system change or new report/broadcast?

Lastly, can you please send across all logs files from the yellowfinappserverlogs folder and let us know roughly when the connection has dropped out (to help us hunt for a specific period) . Also, are you seeing any errors from the MySQL logs/server?

Once we have this info, we should have a better idea of what is happening.