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Net profit as a % of revenue


I am trying to create a report that shows the percentage of our revenue that falls to the bottom line as profit. The attached excel file shows what I am trying to achieve. I want to create column C in my YF report.

I have tried some advanced functions, but as revenue is not the total of column B, I have not come up with a solution. Can you provide guidance?
Thanks and regards

Hi Paul,

if can you get the Net Profit value via a report-level calculated field:

Forum image

then you could re-use that calculated field in another calculated field that calculates the percentage of the Net Profit:

Forum image


Hi David

Thanks for the guidance. I will think about how I can get the desired result by using a calculated field and re-use that result in another calculation.

I came up with a similar but slightly clumsy solution using a parameter. I run the report, then feed the result from the key row into the parameter field. Your solution would be more elegant.