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new installation

Hi there

just installed YF into windows R2008
all of sudden the Dashboard items show and then disappear...only part of the dash disappears - like chart for example - see image

Does seem to be only the tutorial ones though - not one of the the new reports I just embedded

I assumed RAM so upgraded from small to medium 4 gig ram (its on 64 bit though) AWS instance....much faster but did not resolve this issue..



Thanks for sending your question through and sorry you are experiencing some difficulties!

Can you try to send a screenshot through again of what the Dashboard looks like??

Did you install YF 7.1??



thanks - yes I believe latest install
also how do I get login ? as opposed to guest access here?
yes its 7.1
You will need to send your request for portal login to and they
will respond accordingly.

We will take a look at the attached image and see what we can find out.


Hi again

we also just added new dash via API method...

Can I confirm integrating like this will NOT let us use the TAB option inside our apps?

we would have to integrate another way or create tabs in our HTML

ill change pass :)!
re-installation solved

no idea what happened here thanks..