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New Map Layer using geopack Not working

I've uploaded some locations that I have geocoded and successfully plotted them on a map of Australia.(screen cap 1)

I'd like to add a Stand alone Map Layer as described in you wiki:

When I click the add new chart option i don't get the pop up with 3 options:
1. New basic chart
2. New map layer using your data
3. New map layer using geographic pack data
It goes straight to the basic chart option (screen cap 2)

I suspect i am just missing something basic somewhere? Can someone point me in the right direction please !

I haven't linked the geopack to my location data in this report as it is a different granularity.
I'm currently playing with yellowfin on AWS

thanks and regards
Hi Craig,

Very sorry for the extremely delayed response!

What you're after is available in 7.1 releases, and can only be seen when adding another chart to an existing report that already has a GIS map.


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Please let me know if this does not cover what you're after.